The Institute

The Institute for Reality Therapy was founded in 1967 by Dr. William Glasser, lecturer, author and board-certified psychiatrist, as a response to the requests by professionals for formal training in  Dr. Glasser’s counseling method, reality therapy.  In 1994, The Institute was renamedThe Institute for Control Theory, Reality Therapy and Quality Management to reflect the scope of The Institute’s teachings. Two years later it becameThe William Glasser Institute with Dr. Glasser renaming his theory, choice theory.

Initially, The Institute was active only in the United States and Canada but under Dr. Glasser’s direction, his teachings have now spread to many countries:  Australia, Albania, Bosnia, China, Colombia, Croatia, England, Germany, Herzegovina, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa,  and Sweden. (Visit The Institute’s website for a full list of international contacts.) His books have now been translated into several languages and he is still active as a lecturer with his energy focused on mental health as applied to counseling, education, management, mental health and marital relationships.

Since 1967, more than 75,000 people-among them educators, clinicians and managers-have completed the intensive introductory course in reality therapy. More than 7,000 have gone on to complete the training process leading to reality therapy certification by The Institute.

The primary task of The Institute is to monitor all training leading to Reality Therapy Certification and faculty status and to maintain the records of those who complete various stages of the process. Some of the other tasks involve: conducting the sale of Dr. Glasser’s books, working with sponsors of his various speaking engagements, orchestrating Certification Weeks and Faculty Programs in North America, arranging for Advisory Board of Directors’ Meetings and  Faculty Retreats, producing various publications and processing benefits tied to these publications.

Kim OlverKim Oliver (Executive Director, MS, LPC, NCC) is a life, relationship and executive coach. Her mission is to help people get along better with the important people in their lives. She teaches people how to live from the inside out by empowering them to focus on the things they can change. She in an internationally recognized speaker, having worked in Australia and the continent of Africa, as well as all over the United States. She has consulted with the NBA and other major league player development specialists. She is the author of Leveraging Diversity at Work and the forthcoming book, Relationship Empowerment. She co-authored a book with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Byron Katie, entitled 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. She works with individuals, couples, parents, social service agencies, schools, corporations and the military–anyone who will benefit from gaining more effective control over their lives. She has consulted on relationships, parenting, self-development, training, leadership development, diversity, treatment programs and management styles.

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robert.wubboldingRobert Wubbolding has been the Director of Training and Chair of the Professional Development Committee since 1987. He is a Psychologist, a Professional Clinical Counselor, and a member of the American Psychological Association. He is also Professor Emeritus of counseling at Xavier University and Director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Additionally he is the author of 10 books including, Reality Therapy for the 21st Century,Counseling with Reality Therapy, and a Set of Directions for Putting Yourself Together. Together with the Executive Director, he is responsible for developing, monitoring, supervising and evaluating all North American training programs under the auspices of The Institute

thomas.parishThomas S. Parish has been selected as the new editor of The International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, effective in the Spring of 2010. The Journal will be put online and continue to be available to not only our dues-paying members but also to individual members and associations. It will offer two publications, in the Spring and Fall.

Tom earned his Ph.D. in human development/developmental psychology at the University of Illinois and subsequently became Reality Therapy Certified, (now called CTRTC) specializing in the areas of mental health, educational counseling, and marriage and family counseling. He has authored or co-authored scores of RT/CT-related articles that have appeared in numerous professional journals, including the International Journal of Reality Therapy. He has an extensive background in designing and conducting research studies and developing strategies for the implementation of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.