The Mid-America Region awards scholarships based on financial need; these are available for a Basic Intensive Training, Advanced Intensive Training, or Certification Week. Scholarships are usually $250, and intended to assist with the expense of training. (The rest of the cost being shared between the participant and the instructor providing the training.)

Scholarships are awarded for 50% of intensive training fee, or $250 each. These are awarded to applicants who submit a letter of request that illustrates commitment and financial need. These are awarded primarily for intensive training conducted in the region as a priority and for intensive training outside the region for people who live in the region. Scholarship recipients are expected to purchase a student membership to WGI.

Contact the Region Director for an Application for Scholarship.


The Mid America Region supports region members and faculty with partial stipends to conferences and faculty retreats. To apply for these funds, which vary according to the event, contact the region director, Bruce Allen, via email: