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The purpose of the Mid America Region of The William Glasser Institute is to promote the ideas of Dr. William Glasser and the programs of The William Glasser Institute by providing education in choice theory, reality therapy, lead management and Glasser Quality Schools in the States of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa & Nebraska.

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The Power of Intention

One of life’s most interesting challenges is the ongoing process of deciding whether or not we choose how life is.  So many tell us that with genetics, the influences of our early family life and the impact of the environment we live in, that our life is pretty well determined.  But then, we all know that on any given day we can choose to go to work or not, to eat healthfully or go to the donut shop and indulge.

The way we form habits and how our brain seems to “rewire itself” to create powerful craving , seems to leave us as victims of circumstance.  Other folks insist that we are victims of comfort or of our drive to control everyone and everything in our life.  So how do we navigate this complicated landscape?

…you are able to put something powerful between the stimuli in the world and the craving in your own mind and body.

Well certainly, our drive to feel satisfied and be happy is universal in our humanness.  We might get lucky, but we know that having all of the money and privilege in the world affords no guarantee that we will experience joy or be happy over the long run.  It seems that yogi’s who can slow their heart rate to a near stop and quiet their mind don’t seem to want very much at all.  If you are able to read and understand these words, then you are able to put something powerful between the stimuli in the world and the craving in your own mind and body.

If you have the ability to think,  you have the power of intention.  To live with an awareness of your intention is incredibly powerful.  To be unaware of your intention and your motivations means that your life is determined by your genetics, your circumstances and your drive for comfort.  To be a full owner of your intentions and to have relationships in which you can explore and share your intentions is a great help for this.

If you don’t seem to follow your best intentions then your signals of pain and guilt are reminders to refocus on what you intend and why.  Only then can you make plans to develop better ways to manifest those intentions.

We are trained to guilt when we fall short.  Living in guilt promotes a feeling that we are not in control and that we are beholden to someone else’s expectations of ourselves.  Using our guilt to clarify our intentions and focus on what skills and connections we need to employ our best intentions is putting those instincts to good use.

The ideas of William Glasser that are highlighted on this site are designed to help us to do just that.  In the history of archery, to miss the target is called “sinning”.  So, if we miss the target, lets make sure we know what the target is and develop our skills to be on the mark of our intent.

– Bruce Allen

Recent Glasser MidAmerica Region Activities

Here are some photos from recent MidAmerica Region activities.  Enjoy!

1 Norfolk

Our region director, Bruce Allen recently led a Certification Week at the St. Patrick’s School in Norfolk, Virginia

2 Jackson1

William Glasser Institute Senior Faculty Member David Jackson presenting at a Mid America Regional Meeting in Eccelsior Springs, Missouri

3 Evolution Conf

Celebrating the first release of Jim Roy’s biography of Glasser “William Glasser: The Champion of Choice” , at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, Ca., with Bob and Sandi Wubbolding, Bruce Allen, Jim Roy and spouse, Jim Coddington, Carleen Glasser and Brandi Roth

4 New Jersey Conf

David and Sharon Jackson with Bruce Allen and Karen Sewall at the WGI Conference in New Jersey

5 Francios et al

Francios Saur with Bruce Allen, Marilyn, Dave ane Sharon Jackson at a regional conference in Missouri.


What Is This All About?

psychologist-lucy-copyI am pleased to be writing to you about William Glasser, a psychiatrist who saw the world through different lenses than most psychologists and psychiatrists he trained with and worked with in the 1950’s and 60’s. Glasser’s keen sense of personal responsibility and empowerment certainly arose from his experience with those who felt compelled to attempt to control others around them to satisfy their basic needs.

An early recognition that people begin to believe in themselves when they take ownership for their feelings, choices, thoughts and actions propelled Glasser in the human potential movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. This effective counter to external control, this wave of psychology has forever changed the way we think about helping and influencing others.

This “Psychology of Internal Control”, takes an existential stance regarding who we are responsible to in our world. Glasser developed a very individual or “self” psychology initially focused on helping people evaluate their behavior based on whether or not their choices were effective in meeting their needs and not on what anyone else did or does, or believes. With only a couple of caveats that behavior that is responsible does not hurt anyone and does not interfere with someone else getting their needs met, the evaluation of behavior and creating more effective behaviors became the task of the new psychotherapy.

Although Reality Therapy has been seen as a useful model for implementing confrontation, it’s tenant that “all behavior is purposeful and the best we could do at the time to satisfy our basic needs that we all share” is quite non-judgemental and not diagnosed. In this therapy that seems to proport knowledge of what Reality is, actually defines it as something very relative to our own perception.

Ultimately Glasser realized the importance of this feedback loop he was onto. He discovered another psychiatrist, William Powers who pioneered this “feedback loop” psychology that has, in Glasser’s evolution of the ideas, become the widely used, Choice Theory.

I hope you join our dialogue about these great ideas as the science of psychology continues to develop in directions strangely reflective of Glasserian thought. He was a man beyond his time and the manifestations of his work in Reality Therapy, Quality Schools and Quality Management and now Counseling With Choice Theory are in practice all over the world.

Check out the William Glasser Institute ( the William Glasser Institute-US ( websites for more information. Or, if in our region, send me an e mail, I welcome your inquiries.

Bruce R. Allen, MSW, LCSW, Senior Faculty and Board of Directors Member, William Glasser Institute-US.

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